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TOQi was at the Lift & Co. expo, held in Vancouver from January 9-11th 2020. This is one of Canada’s signature event for cannabis consumers, professionals, and investors, with the industry’s most knowledgeable and inspiring movers and shakers.

The ideal platform for TOQi to launch, with focused opportunities for us to kick-start meaningful conversations and relationships. Everybody’s initial reaction to the technology is amazing, especially witnessing the A-HA! moment when you place the TOQi 510 wireless vaporizer onto the TOQi Power Bank and see it light up green to indicate charging.

TOQi’s Founder & C.E.O, Drew Henson took part in a panel discussion on stage, around ‘innovations that may change the way you consume’. As the range of products widens, Drew talked about the importance of injecting technology and innovation in helping consumers with their choice of cannabis consumption methods.

The cherry on top: being across from the High Street art installation/ photo-booth by Toronto artist Jordan Sook. Complete with realistic lamp-posts, a Charlie-Brown fire extinguisher, and 420 signs the set-up was epic. The never-ending stream of people waiting in line to take photos resulted in awesome connections and conversations for TOQi.

Shoutout to our new friends featuring in the video, City Cannabis, Kush Klub, Leafly, Green Rock Cannabis, excited for what’s to come! Thank you to Lift & Co. for all the help see you at their next event in Toronto later this year!

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