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The #TOQiAnnual party is a celebration hosted by #teamTOQi to honour the progress of the cannabis industry and community. Guests arrived to an evening filled with good vibes, delicious food, and rad tunes.

The Night Included:

  • 4 turn tables
  • Drew Henson & Hedspin DJs
  • Live performance by Fae Sapienta
  • Outdoor consumption area 
  • Drinks from Sweet Justice
  • Ice cream from Ruru Baked
  • Pizza from Super Point

Party Partners

The team partnered with our good friends, Coterie, KIND Magazine, and Sweet Justice, to ensure the night was filled to the rim with good times and good vibes. Cortier activated their newest community engagement station for cannabis events with a full classic living room lounge featuring their new Sour Tangerine pre-rolls.

Sweet Justice’s Pacific Island Punch, Elderflower Pom, Cherry Cola, and Cranberry Gingerale were served to guests, and plenty of other treats were available. Snacks from Lucky’s Bodega and Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza from Super Point were served. Alongside the munchies, one of Toronto’s most popular ice cream companies Ruru Baked partnered, allowing guests to try four rare flavours including Pecan Party, Black Sesame, Vietnamese Coffee, and Mango. Guests could munch away throughout the evening and enjoy an incredible performance by local rapper Fae Sapienta. DJ Hedspin and Drew Henson took over the 4 turn tables to set the atmosphere for a celebratory night with friends.

A Peak Into TOQi’s Projects

Attendees could catch the first public glimpse of the upcoming Rose Gold TOQi 510 Cartridge Holders. In addition, TOQi presented a new phase of our style evolution with the long-awaited #TOQiTactical Hoodies. 

A Night to Remember 

Needless to say, the #TOQiAnnual party was a blast, thank you all for coming out!

This special evening was filled with dope music and delicious food and drinks while breaking down stigmas surrounding cannabis consumption in Canada. We loved seeing your faces, hearing your stories, and celebrating this historic moment with all of you. We’ve got some great photos from the party—if you haven’t already seen them, check them out below.

We can’t wait to keep the tradition going next year!

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