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Los Angeles, CA – May 17, 2024 -TOQi Technologies, an internationally awarded, proudly Black-owned leading innovator in cannabis consumption technology, announces a strategic partnership with Petalfast, a leading national sales and distribution platform for the cannabis industry. This strategic alignment with Petalfast and its ongoing distribution collaboration with Nabis aims to significantly enhance TOQi’s market presence across California’s 1,300+ cannabis dispensaries.


This partnership positions Petalfast as the dedicated sales and marketing platform for TOQi in California, focusing on promoting TOQi’s revolutionary product line, including the TOQi 510 Wireless Vaporizer and the TOQi Blunt Box, the industry’s first ash-wood digital humidor crafted specifically for cannabis. Petalfast’s extensive network and experienced sales team will amplify TOQi’s brand penetration and consumer reach throughout the state.


Key Aspects of the Partnership:

  • Expert Sales Force: Petalfast’s seasoned team will employ their deep market knowledge and strategic relationships to introduce TOQi’s innovative products to a wider audience.
  • Enhanced Market Strategy: Combining Nabis’ robust distribution framework with Petalfast’s tactical market approaches will optimize TOQi’s statewide market penetration and brand visibility.
  • Comprehensive Platform of Services: Petalfast will provide a full suite of services, including sales strategy and marketing tailored to the unique aspects of the California cannabis market.
  • Focus on Innovation and Diversity: This partnership reinforces TOQi’s commitment as a Black-owned business to innovate and diversify the cannabis industry through advanced technology and strategic market expansion.


TOQi Technologies CEO Drew Henson commented, “Our partnership with Petalfast represents a critical step forward in our mission to enhance cannabis consumption technology. With Petalfast’s expertise, we are poised to accelerate our market presence in California significantly. Their comprehensive approach to sales and marketing is the perfect complement to our innovative products and our distribution efforts with Nabis.”


Jason Vegotsky, CEO of Petalfast, added, “TOQi Technologies stands out as a leader in cannabis tech, and we are excited to partner with them. Their cutting-edge products, like the TOQi 510 and TOQi Blunt Box, align perfectly with our strategic objectives: to support innovative brands in expanding their footprint. We look forward to a fruitful partnership and making TOQi’s products more accessible to consumers across California.”


About TOQi Technologies:

TOQi Technologies is a leading cannabis device company that is Black-owned and innovation-focused. With products like their flagship TOQi 510 Wireless Vaporizer, TOQi Dab Bundle and the TOQi Blunt Box, TOQi sets new industry standards for product quality and efficiency, driven by a commitment to enhancing the consumer experience.


About Petalfast:

Petalfast is a leading national sales, marketing and distribution platform for the cannabis industry. The Company represents emerging and established cannabis brands, selling into and through retail channels in California, Arizona and Massachusetts. Notable cannabis brands already engaged in the Petalfast platform include Lime, Seven Leaves, Bloom Brands, Humo and Yada Yada. Through its comprehensive agency of services, Petalfast provides brands with direct access to leading retailers, valuable feedback from buyers and the opportunity to gain market share. The Company is expanding its high-performing sales and distribution team and retail engagement services into additional legal cannabis markets throughout the United States. 


About Nabis:

Nabis is the #1 licensed cannabis wholesale platform, servicing over 300 brands. Founded in 2018 by serial tech entrepreneurs Vince C. Ning and Jun S. Lee, Nabis is on a mission to build the most powerful licensed cannabis wholesale platform with a multi-channel fulfillment network that simplifies cannabis commerce for brands and retailers anywhere in the world. Nabis is the largest licensed wholesaler in the industry, having supported numerous exclusive brands and retailers to transact over $1B worth of cannabis products in major states across the nation. As Nabis continues its national expansion, the privately-held multistate operator utilizes its experience in the world’s largest legal cannabis markets and offers its partners an online wholesale marketplace with best-in-class fulfillment, payment processing, financing, data analytics, and sales and marketing services to enable more brands and retailers to innovate, launch, and scale strategically. Ning and Lee’s work earned Nabis a spot on Inc. 5000’s list of Fastest Growing Private Companies in America in 2023 and on Fast Company’s list of the 50 Most Innovative Companies in America in 2024. 


Media Contact:

Jessica Lozynsky

Chief Revenue Officer, TOQi Technologies


Phone: (647)-214-0200


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