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We are incredibly honored to have our work for social impact be awarded bronze for our work with the TOQi Fellowship for Cannabis Amnesty under the Social Good medium; and The Dab Gallery at Hall of Flowers within the Experience/Activation medium!

As a company that believes in creating a better cannabis experience together, we’re incredibly proud of the great strides we’ve made in the cannabis community. Our team has done an outstanding job of representing our values of the community to integrity and dependability. TOQi believes that our team members exemplify these values in every project we produce.

Bronze In The Social Good Medium

While cannabis is now legal in many states, hundreds of thousands of people are still convicted of marijuana-related crimes. According to Statistics Canada, in the last 15 years, Canadian police agencies reported over 800,000 cannabis possession “incidences,” and experts estimate that approximately 500,000 Canadians live with criminal records for cannabis-related offenses.

As a black-owned business, we understand the impact minor charges have on marginalized communities. Alongside Cannabis Amnesty, we worked towards the full expungement of all records by lowering the bar to complete this process. The Fellowship program focused on mentorship and skill-building around effective communication and advocacy in the not-for-profit sector. It funded two competitively paid internship positions at Cannabis Amnesty in Toronto, Ontario. 

This is a huge achievement for us, and we couldn’t have done it without the amazing work of community leaders like Cannabis Amnesty and leading co-sponsor Aurora. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to making this world better.

TOQi Fellowship for Cannabis Amnesty wins CLIO Cannabis Award 2022

Licensed Producers involved:

  • Aurora Cannabis Inc., based out of Edmonton, Alberta.

Cannabis Amnesty Partners: 

  • Sameena Ibrahim – Director of Marketing, Partner
  • Stephanie DiGiuseppe – Partner
  • Anna Maria Enenajor – Executive Director

TOQi Team: 

  • Damni Jain – Marketing Manager
  • CEO – Drew Henson

Bronze In The Experience/Activation Medium

The Dab Gallery was presented at Hall of Flowers in Santa Rose as an immersive 2-D & 3-D #artexperience. The booth design was displayed as a gallery of images that transformed into a digital experience via #augementedreality. TOQi’s booth was designed by Twenty2b in collaboration with 3D Artist/Designer William Selviz

The first piece is a 12-foot tall column that carried 4 images relating to various TOQi products and offerings. These 4 markers positioned a synchronized 3-D animation of the white TOQi 510 that rotated and animated through the various LED settings.

The second piece is a digital sculpture that animates two cuffed hands, a symbol for our partnership with Cannabis Amnesty – sending the message that there is still work to do on cannabis legalization.

TOQi takes bronze win for CLIO Cannabis Awards for Dab Gallery Hall of Flowers 2022.

Company: Twenty2b Inc.

Designers: Will Selviz with Rendrd and Hadas Green with Twenty2b

CEO: Drew Henson

We’ve had so many amazing moments—from our team members getting featured in the local news to the impact on the community. It’s been inspiring to see all of our hard work paying off, and we couldn’t have done it without our communities support!

We look forward to continuing this work and making an even bigger impact in 2023!

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