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The TOQi Tactical hoodie wasn’t designed for just anyone. That may seem like a strange thing to say, but when the idea for our latest project began to percolate, the emphasis was never on mass distribution. To be honest, we weren’t particularly interested in making just another hoodie, nor did we have any interest in developing branded merch that would be temporarily loved but quickly discarded into the graveyard of forgotten garments at the back of your closet.

Instead, the conception of TOQi’s latest project could be best described as a creative passion project and, more specifically, a tribute to creators and the city of Toronto at large. We set out to create a piece of clothing that was as comfortable as it was tactical – one that had wardrobe tenure (think: capsule collection status) stitched into its very fabric. We wanted to make something that would earn the approval of any streetwear aficionado, with a painstaking commitment to finer details and indulgent design.

So, we made the TOQi Tactical Hoodie – limited but coveted. Made with purpose and distributed with intent. The first of its kind, but surely not the last.

If it seems like we are waxing poetic over this hoodie – well, we are – but for a good reason. To give you a glimpse into the weeks that led up to the release of the TOQi Tactical hoodie is to give you a glimpse into our daily world at TOQi headquarters. Within our small neighborhood hub of Ossington, the spirit of creation and entrepreneurship is always alive and well, and our office exists at the heart of it all above Bellwoods Brewery. From our unique vantage point, we bear witness to the constant coming-and-goings of locals and tourists as they descend upon the Ossington strip, frequenting their favorite clothing stores, coffee shops, and restaurants. There is a tangible energy to be found in our corner of the city, and it permeates its way into our office every day as members of our team obsess over every detail of the technology we create. The creative process which has brought our products to life could be described as meticulous and vigorous (because it is), but it’s also gratifying beyond words. We invite the collaboration and input of each team member, carefully selected for their talent and veracity, as products are carried through countless iterations, testing cycles, and refinements before it arrives at its final form. The TOQi Tactical hoodie was no exception.

The hoodie was designed by the Twenty2B studio team, with special help from Twenty2B’s in-house Industrial Designer, Hadas Green, and freelance fashion designer Leo Casuga. Throughout the design process, Hadas worked with founder Drew Henson to parse through over 50 samples of carefully selected fabrics, while Leo took the lead on pattern making. The goal was to create something of a harmony between durability, functionality, weight, and softness, with the added benefit of functional design elements. Ever loyal to the team and creators that inspired it, the tactical hoodie doubles as a “utility belt” with three unique pockets for TOQi devices to ensure those who wear it can have easy, on-the-go access to all the products that make up their style arsenal.

The placement of the TOQi lettering was purposeful, ensuring the ‘TO’ would occupy its own real-estate on the back of the hoodie, to wordlessly convey a deep sense of pride for the city we love. The jersey lettering was carefully selected to pay homage to Toronto sports teams, artists, and brands like Legends League, which have had a significant impact on Toronto culture. Finally, the oversized fit is, of course, an ode to streetwear and, more importantly, a commitment to comfort and our team’s preferred style.

So, who exactly was the TOQi Tactical Hoodie designed for? Well, it was designed specifically for our community, for the streetwear aficionados among us, as well as the budtenders and cannabis enthusiasts. But more importantly, it was designed for Toronto creators, like us, who relish the finer, clever details of unique creations and artistic pursuits. And just as we’ve shared the TOQi Tactical hoodie with our community, we invite the creators who wear it to share their passion and continue to bring our city to life with their creations.

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