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This is episode 2 of LOCAL CRAFTS. A thought-provoking docu-series that celebrates inspiring professionals and artists. Discover their craft, unique stories, and cannabis rituals. Our second episode features Kay (@startswithakay) Spence, Dancer & Digital Creator – an inspiration on the move. We’re honored to be able to share Kay’s story and discuss the role that cannabis has played in her creative expression and healing journey.

Kay’s story began with loving and supportive parents, the type of parents who encourage. Now 27 years old, those early formative years taught her discipline and drive – things that push her to become a greater version of herself. 

At 12, Kay auditioned to be in a full-time ballet program and quickly learned “If you don’t fit the mold they’ve created for the ballet world…that’s as far as you go.” Her experiences resulted in the creation of Fly Away, her first organization. Fly Away is a self-esteem driven campaign, dedicated to working with young women to develop a positive relationship within themselves, and understand the meaning of true beauty through the power of the arts.

Kay lives dance. She uses it to build up the woman around her, creating a sense of peace. Before starting her practice, Kay likes to use the TOQi 510 wireless charging vaporizer to relax her body and make the movement more organic and free. 

In 2017 Kay was selected to participate in Miss Universe Canada. She was feeling like her best self, eating well, training, but her whole world quickly changed. Kay was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer and had to pull out of the competition. While everything around her was falling apart, she turned to the one thing she had control over. Kay turned to dance, her vehicle to channel her feelings, fears, and anxieties.  

During chemotherapy, Kay relied on meditation, CBD oil for sleep, and cannabis for nausea. With the support of close friends and family, Kay felt herself getting better and stronger. 

We asked, “Is there a message you would have for your younger self, or the ‘going through adversity self’, now that you’re on the other side?”  

“ gets better, and it doesn’t matter what they think”, she said. 

Thank you Kay for sharing your story. 

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