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TOQi creates intuitive cannabis technology inspired by the intersection of design and culture. Our heritage comes from our award-winning home-studio, product design studio Twenty2B. Always pushing boundaries, they’ve inspired us to highlight the skills and people in our community. This forward-thinking approach paved the way for our new project Local Crafts. 

We created the ‘LOCAL CRAFTS’ docu-series to document and showcase the local crafts of “artisans”, breaking down the stigma surrounding cannabis by educating viewers through inspirational exposes.

In our first episode, we feature Everton Lewis Jr, Music Supervisor, and close friend of TOQi. Previously at VICE, Eve is currently with Wracket Music where he’s in charge of curating and licensing much of the music you may hear behind a commercial, film, or even video game. Think of him as the mind behind those impactful moments where the music perfectly captures a moment and emotion and drives the narrative – it’s really dope stuff. 

eve smiling on a bridge

We kept things casual and joined him and his dog Solo on a walk and asked “What’s the connection between cannabis and his craft”?  “Hip-Hop and marijuana just went together”, he said, and we couldn’t agree more! Armed with a massive Vinyl collection and endless passion, Everton learned that monetization was the key to taking music as a hobby to a profession. 

Tell us about your Craft in your own words, we asked. “It takes a raw passion and love for the music, it takes a lot of patience too. There’s the emotional and the legal side of it while licensing music, are the artists getting their royalties? There’s a business but there’s also passion and there’s a fine line in between, and when you hit that, that’s what craft is,” he said.

When it comes to staying relevant in the ever-changing music world, Eve’s advice is to stay creative and come out with the most genre-bending music you can. “You gotta learn to dodge and weave.” 

It’s been an absolute pleasure chatting with you Eve, we’ll be listening out for what’s next!


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