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“It was a night to remember”

It’s been four years since Canada legalized recreational cannabis, and we were so proud to be able to celebrate our community with all of you at the TOQi Annual Party! Attendees enjoyed a wide range of activities, from dancing to taking pictures in our photo booth. This was an opportunity for us to share our love of cannabis with our community and show appreciation for those who have helped us get where we are today.

Our team is so grateful to all the amazing people who came out to celebrate with #teamTOQi —and we hope you had a fantastic time because we definitely did! Take a look at some of the hot pics from a rad night with you all – this is just a teaser! More are now live here.

Feel free to save and share photos of you and your friends and remember to tag @mytoqi.

#TOQiAnnual Photo Gallery

  • TOQi Founder Drew Henson poses with Toronto rapper and designer Fae Sapienta at the TOQi Annual Cannabis Legalization Party. Located in Ontario, Canada
  • Sweet Justice cannabis infused drinks were served at TOQi's Annual Legalization Party. Contains nano-emulsion CBD and THC.
  • Coterie partners with TOQi to celebrate Canada's recreational cannabis legalization. Cannabis event with DJ's, live performances, and infused cannabis drinks.

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