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Toronto, ON, December 5, 2023 — Rooted in Toronto with a shared passion for innovation and a dedication to enhancing the cannabis experience, TOQi Technologies Ltd. ( and The Loud Plug ( proudly announce the launch of the ultimate cannabis accessory: The Loud Plug x TOQi Blunt Box. 

TOQi, where action sports culture meets precision engineering, is dedicated to transforming the cannabis journey through dependable tools for immersive experiences that embody cutting-edge technology, meticulous design, and a commitment to our community.

The Loud Plug, known for its exceptional Benny Blunto, Banana Havana, Guava Biscotti, and Grape Ape blunts, as well as its new and highly anticipated Terp Gusher brand that features innovative crushable filters containing terpene-rich pearls has carved a prominent niche in the Canadian cannabis market. 

The collaboration between TOQi and The Loud Plug celebrates the rich cannabis culture of Toronto, uniting advanced technology and industry leadership to create a game-changing accessory. 

Cyrus Hambaz, CEO of The Loud Plug, expresses his excitement for the partnership: “The Loud Plug x TOQi Blunt Box is a true embodiment of our commitment to delivering the best cannabis experience. It’s designed to complement our premium products, ensuring terpenes in our Benny Blunto, Guava Biscotti, Banana Havana, Grape Ape, and Terp Gusher pre-rolls remain protected and flavourful.” 

The Loud Plug x TOQi Blunt Box is more than just an accessory; it’s a revolutionary leap in cannabis preservation, as the industry’s inaugural digital humidor made exclusively for cannabis. This breakthrough design ensures unparalleled longevity and potency for stored cannabis products. Notably, the precision-crafted ash wood shell is engineered to preserve terpene richness, while a hermetically sealed lining safeguards flavors and aromas.

Key Features of the Loud Plug x TOQi Blunt Box:

  • Revolutionary Humidity Control: The Blunt Box transforms cannabis storage, powered by Boveda’s size 8 RH system, offering tailored humidity control (58%, 62%, or 72%) based on climate. This prevents mold, dryness, and terpene degradation, ensuring enduring freshness and potency.
  • Intuitive Visual Feedback & Monitoring: LED indicators provide instant knock-on-wood reporting on humidity levels, ensuring seal integrity. These indicators signal optimal (55%-65%), low (50%-55%), and high (65%-70%+) humidity levels, facilitating quick and easy monitoring for quality preservation.
  • Convenience and Portability: Featuring USB-C charging and powered by a 200mAh Box Battery and a 200mAh Tray Battery, the Blunt Box guarantees extended reliability. Its compact dimensions (19.0 x 6.4 x 14.4 cm) prioritize portability, enabling convenient cannabis product storage on the move.
  • Crafted Precision in Natural Ash Wood: Fashioned from premium ash wood, selected intentionally for its natural humidity-regulating properties, the Blunt Box maintains vital moisture levels for cannabis preservation. Arriving pre-seasoned for immediate use, its inherent precision ensures durability, stability, and enhanced flavor preservation, perfectly complementing its sleek and portable design.

Drew Henson, CEO and Founder of TOQi Technologies, adds, “Our partnership with The Loud Plug celebrates Toronto’s cannabis culture and pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in the accessory market. The Loud Plug x TOQi Blunt Box represents our shared commitment to innovation.”

This collaboration signifies a milestone in the cannabis accessory market, offering consumers an unrivalled experience that perfectly complements The Loud Plug’s premium products.

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About TOQi Technologies Ltd.:

TOQi Technologies, based in Toronto, leads the cannabis technology sector with innovative and stylishly designed products. Committed to infusing sophistication into the cannabis consumption journey, TOQi prioritizes technological advancements and user-friendly interfaces.

About The Loud Plug:

At Canadian Clinical Cannabinoids, we lead cannabis innovation as a foremost licensed producer, co-manufacturer, and processor. Nestled in Scarborough, Ontario, our licensed facility is the heartbeat of our craft. Our mission extends beyond crafting top-tier cannabis products—we champion emerging brands, offering guidance to bring them successfully to market. United by our passion, we’re a community that delivers unparalleled cannabis experiences. This is our legacy, our promise—crafted ‘With Love from Scarborough.”

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