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Get your doob through the tube at The Neighbourhood Joint! A family-owned and operated, the go-to spot for anything and everything cannabis – including TOQi 😏. Led by owner @rhoadsie, their carefully curated menu focuses on organic and sustainable cannabis!

  • Director of retail, Naz at the neighbourhood joint
  • walking up the stairs at the neighbourhood joint
  • TOQi display at the neighbourhood joint
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Uniquely equipped with a pneumatic tube system, they are the first cannabis retailer in Ontario that has installed this system allowing for quick and efficient retrieval of stock. This is a reminder of the time in Toronto’s history when more than 4,500 meters of pressurized pipes ran beneath the city’s streets — except these days, it’s transporting the TOQi 510 through the doob tube, straight to you! 

Customers visiting the Neighborhood Joint are able to shop in an aesthetically pleasing environment with lightning-quick service.

The Neighbourhood Joint says, “it will have a free-to-join loyalty program, allowing customers to receive 20 percent off their next purchase. Membership will grant access to other deals and discounts as well as invites to future, post-COVID-19, member-only events.”

Located in the heart of the beaches, at 1987 Queen St. East Toronto.

Check em out if you’re in the the…neighbourhood. (tell them we sent you)

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