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Just outside of the hustle and bustle of Fort York Cityplace something green is growing. 

Damini from TOQi at Miss Jones looking at the TOQi display instore

Miss Jones is your cannabis confidant. The outposts exist to give you carefully curated cannabis products & experiences, in addition to answers & advice. Think of them as that go-to friend that always knows what to smoke.

Miss Jones’ lineup features a unique buffet of cannabis-related accessories like lighters, rollies, filters, birthday cards, and a vast array of smokeables.

Not sure what Sweet Skunk is? Every strain is broken down on a “strain card” so you can learn about potency, flavour, and terpene profiles. Looking for more? The staff are terrific, friendly,  knowledgeable and ready to answer any and all of your burning questions.

Miss Jones well curated art wall

The vibe in Miss Grass is inviting. Unique décor and a well-curated art wall invite you in and the well-lit displays and products on shelves (including the full TOQi lineup) keep you there, The whole place is relaxing and provides a safe, shopping experience.

Ready to meet Miss Jones and find out what’s good? 

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