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mīhī (pronounced “meehee”) in Latin means “for me”, this is a super approachable TOQi retailer based in Burlignton for all types of consumers from cannacurious to cannaisseurs alike. #TeamTOQi was at mihi for a product knowledge session, to see what’s up and talk about all things tech and TOQi.

  • CEO Drew Henson giving a product knowledge session at Mihi

You definitely get a sense that the mihi team is passionate about wanting to break the stigma surrounding cannabis through education and the customization of consumption methods to meet the individual lifestyles of each consumer.

Our Director of Retail, Naz Marzara says, “I absolutely love their rolling station where customers can learn to roll a joint using dry herbs (not actual cannabis flower).” They do a wonderful job of supporting their local community insofar as working with local craft growers, accessory suppliers, and local artisans, very similar to our own values.

If you’re in the area, attend their (socially distanced) grand opening taking place on September 12th to check out the store experience or even book an education session. Congratulations on the opening, we’re excited to be on this journey together!

NOW OPEN: Headon Forest Shopping Centre
3500 Dundas St, Burlington

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