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Built to always be ready when you need it, the TOQi 510 wireless vaporizer is the first 510 thread compatible battery with Qi compatible wireless charging giving users the easiest recharging experience possible. Combined with a built-in USB-C port, you never have to worry about losing a custom charging plug again. With its fast adaptive charging, the TOQi 510 charges twice as fast as its competitors and has a battery almost twice as big for its class.
Functions & Specs
  • Qi compatible wireless charging
  • Samsung Power-Share compatible
  • 510 thread vape cartridge compatible
  • Fast charging
  • Long battery life
  • Built-in USB-C charge port
  • Stone-like finish
  • 3 x power/temperature settings (no app needed)
  • Lock/Unlock
Shipping Information

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Packaging Contents
1 x TOQi 510 Unit

1 x 2A USB-A Plug

1 x USB-A to USB-C Cable

1 x TOQi Carry Pouch


Frequently Asked Questions

What cartridges or brands do you recommend using?

Most 510 cartridges in the market are compatible with the TOQi 510 Wireless Vaporizer. Always shop from legal retailers.


How do I charge the device?

You can charge your TOQi 510 Wireless Vaporizer via two methods, (1) wireless charging or (2) cable charging.

  • Place the device on a wireless charging pad with button facing up and TOQi 510 will fast charge wirelessly. You can use any Qi compatible wireless charging pad, or Samsung Power Share enabled phone. Be sure to align the center of the wireless charging pad to the center of the light guide.
  • Plug in the USB-C cable into the direct USB-C port found at the bottom of the device to charge you TOQi 510.

Does the TOQi 510 Wireless Vaporizer work for dry herb?

NO. TOQi 510 Wireless Vaporizer is only designed for 510 thread distillate cartridges.


anywhere, anytime


The first 510 thread compatible vaporizer battery with wireless charging, built-in USB-C and fast charging.  Never experience low battery anxiety again.  Refill with wireless charging, even off of the back of a Samsung Power Share enabled phone, or borrow your mate’s USB-C cord.

It’s 2020, why wouldn’t they have a USB-C?

TOQi Benefits

industry leading powertrain

Coffee Bean

qi Wireless Charging

Coffee Bean

USB Type C

Coffee Bean

Fast Charging

Coffee Bean

Long Battery

Coffee Bean


Our 400 mAh battery will reach 85% full in 25 minutes, and is fully charged in just under 40 minutes.  That's faster than most competitors with almost twice their battery size.

Control your experience

No App Needed



Smooth and light or hard and heavy, it’s up to you with our 3 power settings, giving you complete control over your vaporizing temperatures.  With a sophisticated design, our battery gives consistent power delivery with over-surge protection and efficient power usage.  Delivering power at 2.8V, 3.2V and 3.6V is a tried and tested solution for maximum airflow and distillate vaporization.

Charge wireless with samsung power share



The only 510 compatible device on the market that you can charge on the go from the back of a mobile phone.  At a concert?  At the beach?  Hold your TOQi 510 on the back of your Power Share compatible mobile device for a few moments, and you are ready.




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episode two of the local crafts series by mytoqi coming soon! cannot wait to share how cbd and cannabis changed my life during chemotherapy #teamtoqi ✨ ...

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episode two of the local crafts series by mytoqi coming soon! cannot wait to share how cbd and cannabis changed my life during chemotherapy #teamtoqi ✨ ...

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No trip to the ski hill is made without my fav cannxbis products...⠀

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Any specific strains you'd recommend for skiing?!

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A lesson in luxury - TOQI 510 -
Wireless charging #teamtoqi

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Discover the convienece of wireless charging.
This is the first battery with Qi-compatible wireless charging.
This is the first battery with Qi compatible wireless charging.
Designed by mytoqi , based out of Toronto, this device is packed with features, and one of the best 510 threaded batteries I've used.
Full review & unboxing of this product and their others in detail coming Thursday!
Stay tuned for more info.

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