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Don’t let the end of summer stop your roritual. When it comes to self-care, it isn’t about the big things; it’s the small things that count. 

With the beautiful Rose Gold TOQi 510 Cartridge Holder, you can start getting ready for fall by adding a hint of extra beauty to your daily rituals and sesh space. With an elegant Rose Gold finish on the exterior and a sleek polished design, you’ll surely receive compliments with this new TOQi drop. Make this addition to your collection and have all your vaping friends asking where you got it from. Our Rose Gold Holder may catch a few eyes when on display, though it can also be stored discreetly tucked away in a drawer or cupboard.

Why toss your dab carts in a drawer when you can keep them neat and tidy, while also extending their life? That’s where this cart holder comes in. It’s designed to protect your cartridges while you charge your TOQi 510 Wireless Vaporizer. This holder makes it easy to charge your batteries and prevents cartridges from rolling around on the table or, worse – becoming lost.

Made from a single block of aluminum, the new and stylish Rose Gold TOQi 510 Cartridge Holder keeps your vape accessories safe, sanitary, and always ready to go. With six compartments, this display cartridge holder has space for six pre-filled cartridges or TOQi’s Dab Cartridges, so you can easily choose what cart you’re craving. 

TOQi makes high quality cannabis hardware accessories. Located in Toronto, Ontario in Canada.
Rose Gold 510 Cartridge Holder


The TOQi 510 Cartridge Holder is a must-have for anyone who takes dabbing seriously. It’s required to take off your dab carts and 510 carts while charging your TOQi 510 Wireless Battery, but are your cartridges being kept in a safe place?

Get the most out of your carts, whether you are just beginning to discover 510 cartridges or you’re an experienced connoisseur. The first rule of cannabis consumption is cleanliness. It’s incredibly important to keep all of your hardware products sanitary – which is why accessories like cartridge holders are essential to conscious consumers. Storing your carts upright extends their life, keeps them clean, and they are always ready to go. 

Exposing cannabis to UV rays can break down and degrade your cannabinoids (THC & CBD). With full coverage from the TOQi 510 Cartridge Holder, the demise of your products is completely safe from the depletion of potency from UV exposure, loss risk, and damaging temperatures. Regardless of what cartridges you’re using, if they are a standard width 05. g or 1g 510 cartridge, they’ll fit comfortably in our TOQi 510 Cartridge Holder.

All TOQi products are crafted with strategic value in our functional designs. The TOQi 510 cartridge holder is a high-quality piece of hardware developed to keep your cartridges cool and in good condition. The aluminum block works as a shield from fluctuating temperatures and consistently protects your cartridges. The TOQi 510 cart holder also has open cylinder compartments to reduce the amount of dust and undesirables on your mouthpiece, making your cartridges safer than ever. 

Other Features:

  • 6 slots for all your oils, wax cartridges, and dab tools.
  • Smudge-proof, smooth, polished surface.
  • Precision machined with computer numerical controlled manufacturing.
  • Also available in Silver

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