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Hall of Flowers is an industry-exclusive, highly curated B2B show designed to create connections between cannabis brands and retailers. Earlier this fall, HOF entered the Canadian cannabis space with their Toronto conference. Being able to attend events in our home city, and getting to meet new connections is always a highlight for TOQi. People who were passionate about the plant gathered together, and the atmosphere was unrivaled. The HOF outdoor consumption area is one aspect of the trade show experience that sets it apart.

Canadian wireless technology cannabis accessories company TOQi at Hall of Flowers Toronto in 2022

Day 1

Day one kicked out with limited access for buyers and retailers only. Brands acquired new accounts with many receiving orders at their booths. Team TOQi, like so many others, was able to do product demos and educational sessions with those who stopped by our booth. It was a great kick-off to establish numerous opportunities to reengage relationships with industry players.

CEO Drew Henson demonstrates how to use TOQi products to Hall of Flower Attendees

Day 2

The crowd was highly populated by younger generations, who brought new energy to the event. The attendance grew throughout the day for ticket holders, allowing more connections to become established Many 3rd party cannabis businesses joined on Day 2 to help expand conversations about all the different realms cannabis can be applied. It was evident by the time we wrapped up our booth, this was one of the least-corporate conferences TOQi had attended – not surprising given the experience #teamTOQi had at HOF Santa Rosa and Palm Springs earlier this year.

Overall, our team had a productive and enjoyable time at Hall of Flowers Toronto! Even when comparing the USA HOF and the newly established presence in Canada, it was an exciting time to listen and learn with you all! 

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