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Hall of Flowers is an industry-exclusive, highly curated B2B show designed to create connections between premium licensed cannabis brands and retailers. For a brand looking to expand into California, this is the place to be. The energy was unmatched, and people united by their passion for the plant came together. The outdoor consumption area is one part of the trade-show experience that makes it extraordinary. This accelerates the trial process for buyers and sellers to get a feel for the product they’re purchasing. Cannabis is a multisensorial experience, you need to activate all your senses to know what you’re dealing with—and taste is an essential component.

After the success at Hall of Flowers, Santa Rosa last year, TOQi took on HOF Palm Springs, 2022. “High-quality concentrates are at the forefront of many product lineups we’ve seen at Hall of Flowers. Consumer preferences are fuelling the demand for the live resins, diamonds, badders, and sauces we’ve seen featured by the growers. Growers who sampled our 510 system highlighted how it brought out the terpene profiles with the ease of a smoother vapor flow.” said CEO/Founder Drew Henson. Some of the honorable mentions include Mohave’s award-winning diamonds that goes perfectly with the TOQi 510 system, leaves a lingering strong sweet pine aroma. Ursa’s Liquid Diamond Sauce 510-thread cartridges bring out the smoothest flavor, especially on the lowest setting (light-blue). It was a delightful to meet with stores like MOTA, their Wedding Crasher Live resin Sauce really hits. The Clear’s Lemon Lime Elite 510 Cartridge has a robust citrus taste complemented by a lemon fresh finish. This burst of citrus surely kept us going through the day at the show.

TOQi’s booth showcased the iconic features of the TOQi 510 system: premium, smart circuitry that provides a predictable and consistent experience that other 510 batteries cannot match. Extracting the full potential from your 510 cartridges, the TOQi 510 system micro-adjusts to provide measured and consistent temperature settings that will not overheat or burn your cartridges/concentrates. Attach the TOQi 510 Dab Cartridge, and experience affordable dabbing on the go. The TOQi 510 Wireless Vaporizer has a unique recognizable design (patent pending) with USB-C and is the only wireless charging battery.

It has been an absolute pleasure being at Hall of Flowers, if you met us there and didn’t get a chance to connect, reach out:

See you at Hall of Flowers, Toronto for the first time in September!

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