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Our CEO & Founder Drew Henson and Regional Eastern Canada Manager, Rebecca Bennett, stopped by Greybeard’s facility in beautiful Simcoe, Ontario, with over 184-acres of our favorite plant.

Bubba Nicholson, Vice President of Business Development welcoming #teamTOQi into the Thrive Farm Gate Location for Greybeard cannabis

Greybeard and TOQi have a shared passion for craftsmanship, every single detail is thoughtfully planned and designed to give the consumer a high quality & consistent experience. 

The OG Greybeard, Bubba Nicholson, Vice President of Business Development & Ethos of the brand gave us a tour of their Farmgate location at 41 Townline Road, Simcoe, ON N3Y 4K3. 

Regional Eastern Canada Manager, Rebecca Bennett standing at the Thrive Farmgate location having a conversation with their team at the store about Greybeard cannabis

Similar to how ice cream tastes best in a waffle cone. Greybeard’s 510 cartridges, live resin, diamonds need to be experienced with the right technology that showcases the mix of rich terpenes and full-spectrum cannabinoids. Can’t have Greybeard without a TOQi in hand! 

Greybeard + TOQi pairings: 

Afghani Drifter Resin Vape + 510 Wireless Vaporizer 

Live Resin GB Diamonds + 510 Wax Cartridge 

Kish Live Resin Terp Sauce + 510 Wax Cartridge 

No fancy tricks, no shortcuts, just quality in crafting the best clouds.

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