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TOQi’s big day has finally come. We’re itching to show you the most exciting new technology to hit the cannabis industry in years. Cannabis tech is an exploding market, with a lot of companies making big claims. TOQi is different.

In short, we make vaporizers. Hold the eye rolls; we know how many distillate vapes there are on the market. That’s why we wouldn’t be satisfied releasing just another vaporizer: we’ve created something really special with the TOQi 510.

Our company was founded by a unique team of cannabis lovers and tech insiders. We’re all about blending state-of-the-art technology with beautiful design and bringing that standard to the industry we love.

TOQi 510, our signature distillate vape design, is the first wireless charging cannabis vape. You heard that right. Wireless. This vape is the future, baby!

We’re firm believers in “the best things come in small packages.” So, we’ve packed a lot into this small package: Qi-compatible wireless charging, built-in USB-C, and a fast-charging, extended battery which means that your vape is always ready to go. Oh – and did we mention how sleek this thing looks?

Our Story

TOQi was built by minority entrepreneur and tech badass Drew Henson. Drew’s career started out with race cars, but before long, he transitioned into senior design roles in camera tech and wearable tech. As his career progressed, Drew worked with NASA to create the design for the Drift Ghost-S camera, three of which were deployed to the International Space Station.

Designs in space and his career in full swing, Drew founded his own design agency, Twenty2B. Under the brand, Twenty2B, Drew developed award-winning designs such as the Lotus by SEAM. This discreet, wearable recording button and connected smartphone app have provided personal and family safety for countless customers.

With an accomplished tech career under his belt, Drew turned his sights and skills towards his true passion; the cannabis industry. Drew has been a lifelong member of the cannabis community and was passionate to bring his expertise in engineering and design to this exploding field. This is how TOQi was born.

TOQi stands for Toronto Qi, phonetically sounds like “tow-key” and is a head nod to the “toke”. We’re proud of our home city, our cannabis roots, and especially our one-of-a-kind wireless charging technology.

The rest of the TOQi team? We’re designers, creators, tech-lovers – and we’re crazy about cannabis. We like to get shit done and get lifted while we do it. Creation is in our DNA, and we’re ready to shake up the cannabis world. Our vision is to provide industry-leading innovative cannabis technology to patients and consumers at an affordable price.

Our founder wanted to create the ideal cannabis consumption mechanism when he designed the TOQi 510. Creating the “ideal” vape is ambitious, but Drew knew he was capable of creating an out-of-this-world design (pun intended).

Born of a stylish entrepreneur, the look of the TOQi 510 had to be a major consideration. Clunky, ugly vapes were not an option. Great tech and engineering was our first consideration, but the design and appearance were next up. We want to look fresh and stay powered all day long.

How to Fuse Cannabis, Technology, and Design

Our designers started out with a few basic ideas for inspiration. Balance. The Japanese concept of ensō – a freehand-drawn circle. A pebble. The result is the TOQi 510: beautiful and symmetrical, crafted from premium materials with a smooth touch and finish.

When it comes to vaping, beauty isn’t enough – it needs to do the job, too. We’re vapers, so we know the biggest problem is charging. If your vape runs out of battery, it’s useless. So from the outset, we focused on how to squeeze the most out of the latest wireless charging tech.

Our innovative wireless fast-charging solution means that TOQi is always ready. And when we say fast-charging, we mean it – our 400mAh battery will reach 85% in 25 minutes.

Beyond charging, a great distillate vape needs to be compatible and it needs to deliver. It’s 2020, so USB-C was a must. A precision CNC-crafted 510 thread ensures compatibility with almost any standard vape cartridge, as well as the best airflow and most precise hits on the market. We’re leading the way in wireless-charging vapes – watch them replicate our work over the next year.

What’s Next?

We’re so excited to have finally launched. It’s been years in the making and we’re so excited to share our creation with you. We know you are going to love this breakthrough in vape technology just as much as we do.

Want to connect with the TOQi team? We’ll be getting lifted at Lift & Co. Vancouver January 9th-11th, where Drew will be speaking at a panel about cannabis and technology. Come and meet us at booth 923 and check out the future of vaping in person. Of course, we’re also happy to answer any questions you may have through the contact on the site.

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