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Is your phone always at 1%? Airpods died in the middle of your gym sesh? We’re there for you. Both the TOQi Wireless Power Banks provide you with power while you’re on the go. No matter where you are,  stick it to the back of your phone with suction cups, push a button and watch the wireless charging magic happen. No wires required!

Both devices support “Simultaneous Charging”, charge two devices at the same time, one wireless and one via USB: whether it’s your TOQi 510 Wireless Vaporizer and phone or your Airpods stay powered up. With its anti-slip finish, the surface ensures your compact power bank stays steady. Along with the reinforced suction cups: suction to the back of a mobile device for a steady hold when transferring power for extended periods of time. What’s the difference between the two?

TOQi Wireless Power Bank 10,000 mAh 49.95 CADTOQi Wireless Power Bank 5,000 mAh 34.95 CAD
Up to 4 full phone charges, on the go.Up to 2 full phone charges, on the go.
USB-A output. USB-C and Micro USB inputsMicro-USB input and USB-A output
Fast chargingRegular charging
Weight: 220 grams (An apple)Weight: 123.5 grams (4 AA Batteries)
Extra reinforced suction cupsReinforced suction cups

Out on a run, have a small purse: grab the smaller lighter TOQi Wireless Power Bank 5,000 mAh. Need more power while you’re on a road trip or creating viral TikTok content? The TOQi Wireless Power Bank 10,000 mAh is the one for you! Use #TOQiPower and tag us @mytoqi in your social posts and show us where you’ve been using the TOQi Wireless Power Banks.

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