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The Blank Cannvas event was all-inclusive, spotlighting fantastic music, art, culture, food, and community on November 3rd in Vancouver, BC. The event was at the infamous Beaumont Studios – an established gallery and event space in South Vancouver with two indoor exhibition spaces and an outdoor courtyard. Our good friends Sweet Justice and the cannabis storage and dried flower accessory brand OHAI were leading partners for the event supplying grinders, rolling trays, and beverages. Other party partners included Coastal Mountain Cannabis, Simply Bare, 1964 Supply Co, Old Growth Collective, Kind Mag, Great Gardener Farms, Brindle Farms, Choklit Park, Lacanapa, and Green Hedge.

Surreal Cabaret performers and entertainment at Beaumont Studios, located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

When guests arrived, they were greeted and captivated by surreal cabaret performers costumed in oversized heads, lampshades, animals, and disco balls who wondered about the space throughout the evening. In the main hall, pizza, wings, and snacks were provided for those who needed a snack break to ease their inevitable oncoming munchies. The main attraction in this room was the Sweet Justice High Bar. With their complete British Columbia catalog of infused and non-infused drinks, guests could sample and stay refreshed throughout the day.

The Cannabis Art Gallery Room at Beaumont Studios for the Blank Cannvas Event hosted by Sweet Justice, OHAI and TOQi.

The event was designed to be a fun, creative, and intellectual experience highlighting Vancouver’s flair for artistry with various local artists exhibiting throughout the space. However, the main attraction was the Cannabis Art Gallery featuring dozens of cannabis-themed artworks and an artistic activation to test guests’ creative skills with a nude model and six easels in partnership with TOQi.

TOQi's newly launched Rose Gold Cartridge Holder next to TOQi 510 Vaporizer and Wireless Charging Bank.

TOQi 510 Vaporizers sat charging on Wireless Power Banks, placed beside TOQi’s newly launched Rose Gold 510 Cartridge Holders containing six pre-filled Dab Cartridges for guests to indulge in as they sketched the evening away. TOQi CEO and Founder Drew Henson flew out from Toronto to host in-person dab-on-the-go demonstrations in the consumption lounge just outside the nude drawing room, and taught attendees the importance of understanding the details and intricacies of vaping. Next to Drew’s demos was the Greybeard Dab Bar – another hot spot for attendees to receive hands-on education.

If you want to participate in TOQi-powered art, keep an eye out for our next event!

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