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Welcome to our Hall of Flowers digital experience. Please access our AR filters below, and read more about the TOQi Fellowship for Cannabis Amnesty.

Future Sculpture - White 510

Discover the new white TOQi 510 experience. Finally, dabbing on the go made possible with the instantaneous heating quartz element, combined with the curated temperatures from our 510 battery.

Freedom Hands

Pictured, is Drew Henson, CEO and founder of TOQi, smoking cannabis freely. We believe smoking cannabis should not be a crime, and never should have been. We are proud to launch the TOQi Fellowship for Cannabis Amnesty (read more below), in partnership with Aurora Cannabis Inc., helping people that have had their lives destroyed by simple cannabis possession charges.

About the Artist
Born in Venezuela, growing up in Kuwait, and then emigrating to Canada in 2013, Will Selviz is an Afro-Caribbean multidisciplinary designer, who specializes in immersive media technologies.

TOQi Fellowship For Cannabis Amnesty


Impact With Purpose

“People of today should not bear the burden of the laws
of yesterday; while the world has changed and we are able
to profit from the industry, it is our civic duty to liberate
those who do not enjoy this privilege.”

– Drew Henson
Founder/CEO of TOQi, makers of intuitive cannabis technology

Cannabis Amnesty Introduction

Cannabis Amnesty is a registered non-for-profit organization that is committed to ensuring equity in Canada’s legal cannabis space and fair treatment for those disproportionately impact by cannabis prohibition. Cannabis Amnesty has a proven track record of legislative action and change. Since it’s establishment, the organization has been powered by a volunteer-only team comprised of lawyers, academics and community activists who have dedicated their time and resources to bringing awareness and leading the charge for change.

Learn more about Cannabis Amnesty at www.cannabisamnesty.ca.

Director of operations - role description


TOQi has taken charge in leading the Fellowship opportunity, which will fund and support Cannabis Amnesty to hire a full-time Director of Operations. The Director of Operations will oversee the following:

• Running the daily Cannabis Amnesty business and accelerating the organization’s advocacy work

• Ensure measurement and effectiveness of all internal and external processes throughout all layers of the
operational structure

• Support Human Resources activities in the areas of talent acquisition, workforce planning, training and development, and company culture

The impact of this role will be to lower the barrier for people with simple cannabis convictions, in order for them to have their records suspended or fully expunged so they may continue a life unhindered by outdated policies.

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