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Friends with a TOQi

TOQi stands at the vanguard of lifestyle innovation, merging the realms of design, culture, and cannabis. We’re not just creating products; we’re fostering a movement. And we’re searching for pioneers—creatives, advocates, and visionaries who are passionate about shaping the future of cannabis. If that sounds like you, let’s make waves together.

Friends with a TOQi

Your Platform, Your Story

As a TOQi ambassador, you’re more than a part of our brand; you’re the pulse. Whether you resonate with being a connoisseur, a wellness advocate, a community leader, a tech enthusiast, or a luxury aficionado, your unique story is what we seek to amplify. 

Here’s how:

  • The Connoisseur: Craft the ultimate cannabis experience.
  • The Wellness Guru: Promote balance and wellness through cannabis.
  • The Community Architect: Strengthen the fabric of our cannabis community.
  • The Tech Visionary: Revolutionize cannabis through technology.
  • The Luxury Seeker: Elevate the cannabis lifestyle to new heights.

Mission: Elevate, Engage, Earn

Your voice is powerful. Use it to showcase how TOQi is redefining the cannabis journey—turning every interaction into an opportunity for inspiration, connection, and innovation. Earn from your creativity and influence, making an impact while you do.

TOqi Brand Ambassador Community Perks

Perks of Being a TOQi Ambassador

Unlock exclusive access to the latest TOQi technology, tools for personal and professional growth, a community of like-minded individuals, and the support you need to truly shine.

Join the Movement

We’re looking for individuals who embody our spirit of innovation, inclusivity and community. If you’re ready to get paid for being uniquely you, apply now to the TOQi Collective Ambassador Program.

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